Air Program

OneVoyage leverages its access to various largest travel consortiums (including Virtuoso, Hickory, and VAX) on top of its affiliation with Allure Travel by CTM to provide our clients with exclusive benefits, waivers, and discounted upgrades. 

Peace of Mind, Concierge Service for Your Air Travel Needs. 

Commercial Flights


Your comfort and prompt air travel are our top priorities. OneVoyage has access to dedicated support desk at many airlines to assist you whenever you need. When you book with us, no matter which airline you fly, we have you covered. Given our preferred partnerships with some of the largest airlines (e.g. United and Delta), our airline partners also do their best to ensure our clients a pleasant, uneventful experience. 

Private Jets


For discerning clients who prefer private/charted jets for the convenience, flexibility, and privacy, we have teamed up with some of the largest private jet companies. They have access to thousands of jets, on-demand, to provide our clients around the world. OneVoyage is able to book its clients from helicopters to large jumbo jets. No matter what your needs are, chances are we have them. 


In Short

Many people do not understand the benefits or discounts that we can provide through our exclusive channels and how we leverage our great buying powers. Although the exact amount of savings are not guaranteed, why not give it a shot? 

- Alex He -


It's Time to Fly!